The name Sol Y Mano Studio means “Sun And Hand Studio” and combines three of my favorite things: the sun (“sol”), working with my hands (“mano”) + the Spanish language (I developed my love of Spanish through many years of studying the language, living abroad in Spain, and traveling to other Spanish-speaking countries).

Growing up in Colorado, I cultivated a deep connection the mountains and desert. In my art practice, I aim to evoke the feeling of those landscapes through color and texture. My work is influenced by different cultures, and their art and architecture; this includes Southwest Native American tribes, Spanish, Moorish, Turkish and Persian, among others, as well as traditional quilting patterns. I employ a variety of stitches in my embroidery work to explore texture, movement, and the way light affects our perception of color. I also use color as a means to delve into the ways in which memory and place interact.

I am currently based in Chicago, IL.